Hackney Brewery was established by Jon Swain and Peter Hills to provide top-quality beer to the thirsty drinkers of London.  Experienced home brewers, we made the leap from pub manager and chef to our own brewing company in the heart of East London in July 2011.  Now coming up to our third year in production our beers are going out to Hackney, London and beyond.

With 15 years of experience working in pubs between us, at the Eagle pub on Farringdon Road and the Charles Lamb Pub in Islington we had a good idea of what makes a great beer and set about creating a range of cask and bottled beers to satisfy a variety of tastes.

Last year we added a New Zealand Pale Ale to our original core of Golden Ale, Best Bitter and American Pale Ale.  These beers are available year-round.  Our new ‘Craft Series’ of beers, usually stronger and more highly-hopped, complements our core range giving us the flexibility to stay innovative and fresh.

Hackney Brewery from Over&Out Productions on Vimeo.